My husband and I started out interested in just taking one session of classes. That was over two years ago. We have participated regularly since then. We have really come to enjoy the classes and the chance to dance together. It’s great exercise, but more than that we have a lot of fun. Norm has a great sense of humor and is particularly good at  making my husband, and other men there, comfortable with learning to dance. He breaks down each step so that it is easy to learn. Usually the hour goes by very quickly. In addition we have made some great friends.

Carol Kimmitt

Norm is truly a dedicated instructor. His classes are quite enjoyable and he makes the effort to arrange more opportunities to dance outside of class.

Keith and Lee Brister

I started taking classes with Norm at the recommendation of a friend who had been taking lessons with Norm for years. Norm is very good at explaining and demonstrating the various dance steps to students in an easy and understandable manner. He has the patience to work with both the men and women of the class to get them confident enough to dance. His persona helps keep the class motivated and everyone has a great time with him and each other. I would highly recommend Norm to any new or experienced student


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