The following are just a few of the comments from Norm’s ballroom dance students that truly express what a special dance instructor he is and how much fun his classes are.

Ballroom dancing has changed by life and has also become my social life- thank you Norman Landrum! Norm is not your “typical” instructor. His style of teaching is so basic and fun that you learn the dance steps quickly and easily, regardless of the class level. I highly recommend that anyone who loves to dance, and who wants to learn the proper way of ballroom dancing to check out Norm’s classes. I always look forward to the next one. You will be me!

Judi Travilla

Love learning the ballroom dances with Norman. Feels so awesome to walk out of an hour class and realize I just learned and danced the beginning steps to the waltz. Norman’s patience, teaching skill and sense of humor make learning the dances so enjoyable and fun. I love dancing and Norman and his assistants have been able to create a very warm and friendly atmosphere in class which makes me want to continue to learn all the ballroom dances.


Norman’s dance classes are very enjoyable and relaxed due to his ability to communicate and instruct. If people need extra attention, he is willing to give that extra help to those in need, as well as to the class. His hosted parties are truly enjoyed by many. He also conducts mini-lessons at these events to help people learn and extra step or two to a dance already learned. Norm makes ballroom dancing enjoyable and he is a pleasure to have as an instructor.

Judy and Tim Forrest

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