Norman Landrum has been helping everyday people learn to ballroom dance since 1998. He is not about turning you into a professional dancer.  At some studios, they want to see you enter formal dance competitions and strive for perfection. Norm makes sure an atmosphere of pure enjoyment is always fostered. Everyone just has fun!!!

Norm has a true love of ballroom dance that he shares through his unique style of teaching.  With the patience of a saint, he helps his students learn routines for all major American Smooth and Latin dances.  Even if you have no natural talent, have two left feet, no rhythm, are shy or lack self confidence, Norm can teach you to dance. After taking Norm’s classes, you will be able to confidently get out on that dance floor and show your friends and family that you CAN DANCE.

Group and private lessons focus on one dance at a time. You not only learn the steps, but you learn proper posture, hand movements and grace.  Norm will teach “His Boys”, as he refers to them, how to give a strong lead to their partner. Soon, you will find yourself and your partner gliding across the dance floor. Most important of all, you will be having more FUN that you ever imagined. Norm will not only teach you to dance, but he will make you laugh and forget about the other stresses of your life, if only for an hour.

In addition to the regular classes, Norm hosts a monthly ballroom dance on the last Saturday of every month (January to November) at the Butterfield Park District in Lombard.  He also hosts his annual Christmas Pot Luck Ballroom Dance at the Beaconridge Clubhouse in Bolingbrook.  These monthly dances give you a chance to practice your ballroom dancing and to spend time with the many friends you will make.  See our gallery of pictures that feature some of these dances.

We invite you to come join our Ballroom Dance Family.  We promise you will wonder why you never learned to ballroom dance before.